Welcome to my combined website and blog!

I am a friendly citizen of Second Life, happy to be talked to and befriended!  I love gadgets, music, games, exploring language, art and landmarks.
My home is ALL London & mflresources, EduNation  where I have two plots.  Separately, I was lucky to have been invited to establish a private island where my pupils in Real Life could enjoy technology, friendship and languages.  Although this is no longer available, I learnt a great deal about what learners can get out of virtual interaction, and it meant I could help to set up a game on Open Sim (see the Game Walkthrough on this video), and could see the value of setting up a MineCraft club.

The tabs above give quick links to  posts  about my activities, SL skills I have learnt, links to sites and blogs about SL and my basic information.  I have created a special page to describe the English pronunciation activities I lead every week: one week on Tuesdays I prepare called ‘Musica in Classe’, and the following week I prepare a ‘Reading together’ class.  My calendar shows when these activities take place (apologies that it is not always sup to date) and I use my Facebook page to ‘announce’ events.  [Please feel free to make friends with me on Facebook!]

In 2007 I made a short 9-minute video here where I enthuse about how Second Life can help language learning and teaching and I have a Twitter account  which I sometimes use! A page on the ALL London Website gives some more information, and my friend Helen has let me tag my photos as ‘Secondlife’ in her Flickr photostream.  You can see them to the top right.

I really appreciate the friends which I have made from across the world who have made this life so enjoyable.  Please feel free to leave nice comments under the posts!  I hope to meet you in one of my worlds one day! 🙂


2 responses to “Home

  1. Ladybug Darwinian

    Dear Karelia,
    I loved your youtube video about language learning in SL. I teach Biology and hope to be able to use SL in the future. I will get our language teachers involved too due to your video.

    One stupid question though. I am trying to make my avatar look a little like me and your avatar has exactly the hair I am looking for. Where did you get it and what is it called if you don’t mind.