Hello world!

Hi!  My friend Helen has suggested that I write a blog for anyone who is interested in knowing what it is like in my life, which people from her world call ‘Second Life’.  I’m rather uncomfortable with the term ‘Second Life’ .. it sounds somehow ‘second class’ .. but to avoid confusion, I’ll use that description for now!  In my world, we have a variety of ways to communicate with each other (the most highly sophisticated one is called ‘voice’) – so it may take a while for me to learn how to use this method.  Please be patient!  I’ll be back later to learn how to upload a picture of me here. (Actually, I just have!)


2 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Hello Karelia!
    Gizmo Latte has just been thrown out of Second Life but not for bad behaviour in class! Gizmo was also trying to load up an image and the computer got indigestion and crashed.
    Looking forward to reading your blog

  2. Hi Gizmo .. so sorry you had to leave us! Really looing forward to getting a copy of your picture so that we can display it. Marisolde and I carried on until 12.25 .. desperately seeking scrabble …. if anyone knows where we can buy a copy (Selby’s version not working at the moment) – please let us know!

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