Grazie to Anna Begonia

Helen gently reminded me that I should have started by acknowledging the fact that I am blatantly copying Anna Begonia who is my intelligent, creative and fun Italian teacher .. or, should I say, ‘animator’.  (And I don’t care if that sounds as though I am trying to be teacher’s pet.  It’s simply true!)  I’m looking forward to seeing her and my friends tonight to do  some italianimation.  (If you read her blog, you’ll understand the new word which she has created!)


4 responses to “Grazie to Anna Begonia

  1. I wanted to thank you for your help and enthusiasm in the italianiamo thing. You all are a wonderful and very supportive group.
    And… when some french classes? ;o)

  2. .. or could be:

    françaisissons’ l’occasion …..
    françaisissons la conversation …
    françaisissons la situation …

    saisir has lots of possibilities …

  3. Best you could change the webpage name title Grazie to Anna Begonia | Karelia Kondor's Blog to more specific for your blog post you create. I loved the post nevertheless.

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