Creating and passing on objects – nearly there!

I picked up a wordgrid from Dudeney Ge’s store on Edunation(he’s so generous) and decided to have a go at it.  It’s great!  You get to drag words to pictures.  There’s no feedback, so you have to do it with an ‘expert’ there .. but I could imagine a game where learners could discuss the answers as a group and use prepositions and imperatives to complete the grid collectively, then go on to compete to be the first to get a correct version (with the teacher running from board to board!!)

 Little tips for anyone else trying it for the first time: (this will all be obvious for any old-timers reading this!)

  • take time to read the instructions which come with it;
  • press ctrl+alt+T to see the ‘transparencies’ so that you can select the word easily
  • use the corner red and blue bits to navigate across the grid quickly (quicker than just using horizontal and vertical arrows)
  • always click the board to clear the pictures and the words before you take it back into your inventory(otherwise the words are left hanging in the air separately)

I then went further, and edited it for French. 

  • I saved the ‘original’ into a newly created folder called ‘wordgrid’,
  • I created a folder called ‘wordgrid French’,
  • I did a ‘save as’  and named it ‘wordgrid French animals’,
  • I created a new notecard containing a list of 16 words and named it ”words’ (-you have to call it words for the wordgrid to work),
  • I saved the card into the ‘wordgrid French animals’ folder,
  • I dragged the word list into the contents area. 

Et voilà – ça a marché!

Next step: to be able to package it up for passing on to others.

  • I created a little box (right click on the land / create / select object / click the wand on the ground)
  • I asked Helen to make a picture to put on the box in her world, (she’s actually quite proud of her creation – she used snagit to bring together 2 pictures and some text – and she’s featured her 2 cats!)
  • she uploaded it as a ‘texture’ into my world (File / upload …it only cost her 10 Lindens for this – about 5p in her world)
  • I added the texture to my box,
  • I dragged the wordgrid, the words list, a ‘give to all’ script, and something else into the box, (must ask Anna what the something else was .. I’ve lost it now and it’s not working!)
  • I checked the boxes to say that other could copy and modify but not sell the word grid

But now the sad news …..

While Anna was patiently giving me instructions, and was affirming that it had worked, we both got thrown out of Second Life, and sadly, I seem to have lost the box!  Of-course, we SL citizens are not fazed by this (!!!) so I did the whole exercise again.  But this time I forgot the ‘something else’, and so when I was showing off to my friend Gizmo later on, it didn’t work.

Watch this space for the answer!

Anna also passed me an object which allows you to organise your textures into little ‘mini-folders’ .. will really help to retrieve textures from pre-defined categories as I build up my bank of textures, and Anna says it has the advantage of constituting fewer prims.  I expect when I grow up, I will understand better what that means.

I’ll sign off now .. Helen has asked me to help her with an excel spreadsheet.  But I’ll try to upload a picture of my box first.


6 responses to “Creating and passing on objects – nearly there!

  1. Carol Rainbow

    Hi Karelia
    I made sets of clothes and fruit images ready to create new Word Grids for language teaching. Remind me to give them to you later!
    Why didn’t it work when you tried to give it away I wonder? Are all of the images full perms? Go to Edit, Content, Permissions and tick all of the boxes to be able to give them away, if it can’t change them it will tell you.

    • Thanks for coming here Carol .. . it’s exciting when you get a message .. this blogging is still a bit new to me!
      I’ll have another look .. I didn’t do anything on the images, as they had already been placed there by Gavin, and they seemed to work in the ‘lost’ version, but I’ll look again! The box is on the ALL/mflresources plot, on the red carpet. Must see if I can find some nice outdoor shelving somewhere to display any stuff I make! (Tried but failed to locate any on my search)
      Yes please .. would love the pictures!

  2. My alter ago, Groovy Winkler, does not have a blog, but I am busy in Second Life – although it has been offline continually for the last 24 hours due to various hardware and software glitches at Linden Lab. Some news:

    CALICO (HQ in USA) is the oldest established professional association devoted to the promotion of the use of ICT in teaching and learning foreign languages. The association was founded as long ago as 1983. EUROCALL (HQ in Ireland), which has similar aims to CALICO, was founded in 1986.

    Both these associations have collaborated for many years and now they have joined forces in Second Life on EduNation III island, where they are setting up a joint base of two headquarters side by side. Randall Sadler manages the CALICO HQ and I manage the EUROCALL HQ.

    We have just created a Welcome area, from which you can teleport to the important locations in the two headquarters, including a Resources Centre, which we are stocking with free resources for teaching and learning foreign languages, and holodecks where different scenarios can be conjured up in an instant. Here is the SLURL:

    CALICO already has a Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group, with its own website:

    EUROCALL is in the process of setting up a similar group, with a view to both groups becoming a joint group. The nature of the joint group will be discussed at this year’s EUROCALL conference in Spain, where I will be running a workshop for newcomers to Second Life:

    Graham Davies

  3. Did you check if the script “give to all” had the box “running” (or something similar) checked?

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