Monthly Archives: October 2009

Live music from Claudio Rau!

Just had a lovely couple of hours with three enagaging Italians, listening to Claudio’s beautiful guitar playing …. a wide range of music from Elvis to Francis Cutting. Helen failed to impress anyone with her ‘cello playing. Must practise!! She also failed to impress MilesDavis with her Italian (come se dice ‘against all odds’?!!) Must get a good dictionary!! Morevover, she failed to impress MilesDavis with her film knowledge! Must watch more films!! I do hope they all return one day despite her failures as I so enjoyed their company! Soon was very forgiving and kind! At least HelenUne soirée musicale! knew the names of the seven dwarves .. though I was extremely impressed that Claudio knew them in both Italian and French. These things are important.


October’s resolution

I’m determined to use this blog more to make quick notes about what I get up to .. I’ve been learning so much recently! To remind myself what  I’m going to blog about, here’s a list (and in no particular order) – Burning Life – my new hair style – changing the colour of objects I buy – installing an internet radio on the plot – being politically and ideologically stretched by Italians and French – seeing amazing works of art and meeting an extremely talented, cloaked Italian artist  – visiting a magnificent, romantic sim – thoroughly enjoying Italianiamo – introducing butterflies and a variety of static but intelligent birds onto the plot – wearing high heeled boots (and the consequences of doing this) – changing clothes and avatars without getting embarrassed – using camera controls more effectively – dancing to a wide range of music at a very special bar where my resilience and sense of self esteem have been sorely tested by a special group of people (don’t worry, I won’t let on who or where you are!!)  

Karelia 'At Home'

Karelia shows off toned-down hair colour!

 – having – having my heart in my mouth as I watched one of my best friends undergoing various transformations (but I think she pulled through!) …better stop there for now!  I’m really looking forward to meeting Helen’s friends at the London Language Show on Saturday and Sunday.  I hope she can persuade you to come to my world to meet me and my friends!