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Flickr photostream added to blog

Reminder to self- (the rest of you will all know this already) add Flickr stream to blog – appearance / widget / Flickr .. then find the RSS feed from th Flickr photostream page (not any other pages) by right clicking on ‘latest’. I think this way my latest photos will appear … WARNING: I have loads to add!


Immersiva 2Life – a fascinating tour

After a lovely start to yesterday evening in my favourite bar with someone who has now become my favourite DJ (he picks on me, and to be fair, my naivety, slow-wittedness and puritanical appearance invite bullying… but a small tip seemed to placate him.. at least for one night …) .. and despite several computer crashes which I fear make me appear terribly ill mannered Italian friends whisked me to a late-night multimedia highlight of the year! Guided by the beautifully spoken (and well-dressed) Matteus, we were led along an attractive pathway to see some fascinating representations of well known works of art. At each waystage, Matteus gave a clear explanation of the work before inviting someone to take part in its ‘interactive’ version. A real bonus for me was the ‘notecard’ which accompanied each exhibit and Claudio’s patient translation into French of key words which I did not understand. The next morning I visited alone (with distant personal coaching and moral (?) support from a helfpul self-confessed ‘drifter’, and occasionally joined by Claudio when he was not looking after his dog or his next holiday!), and I took many photos and followed the various YouTube links which provided further background to the works. You can imagine how excited I was when I met Matteus himself later in the evening; he came to inspect Claudio’s clever reproduction of St Peter’s Dome. I have uploaded some photos on my newly-created Flickr photostream…. I had to reduce the size, so I am not sure whether they are any good .. I would welcome advice on this! (And also advice on why the photos are sequence in reverse chronological order …)  Here’s the link to the stream: and if anyone wants higher quality images, let me know.  And yes, it is this late.  Helen’s on holiday, so no-one is allowed to nag her if she chooses to spend time with me …

Season’s Greetings!

Well, it’s just turned Christmas Day, so I had better let Helen get some sleep!  I have been talking with some really good friends today .. a cool musician who thinks deeply and has interesting contacts and a wonderful shock of blond hair (I’ll check on whether he is willing to be named!) .. René, who teaches me the nuances of the French language (what’s the difference between en fait, et au fait?  well *I* know!!) .. Scottius Polke, an incredibly imaginative artist who has sent me a really fun card … my Italian friends at Grillo in Testa … MilesDavis, whose English is improving daily (just ask him to say ‘hang on  a minute’, and wait to be dead impressed!!) …. Marisolde, who always encourages me to have fun and enjoy the whole sartorial side of this life … Gizmo and Carol who patiently sort out all my techie problems and queries, and gently tell me when it is time to go to pack presents and go to bed .. and just past midnight, I made friends with a new Italian artist who is keen to share with me how she has learnt English entirely through Second Life.  And all this has been done during the time when Helen was meant to be tidying her house ….poor thing .. must be terrible not to have a neat little inventory where you can shove everything when you have visitors!  Anyway, feel free to drop in any time and admire my greetings cards and listen to my radio which I have now tuned to an Italian station.  And do try out the scrambler even if you don’t know any Italian!  You could get the top score and win … an email from me saying congratulations!