Immersiva 2Life – a fascinating tour

After a lovely start to yesterday evening in my favourite bar with someone who has now become my favourite DJ (he picks on me, and to be fair, my naivety, slow-wittedness and puritanical appearance invite bullying… but a small tip seemed to placate him.. at least for one night …) .. and despite several computer crashes which I fear make me appear terribly ill mannered Italian friends whisked me to a late-night multimedia highlight of the year! Guided by the beautifully spoken (and well-dressed) Matteus, we were led along an attractive pathway to see some fascinating representations of well known works of art. At each waystage, Matteus gave a clear explanation of the work before inviting someone to take part in its ‘interactive’ version. A real bonus for me was the ‘notecard’ which accompanied each exhibit and Claudio’s patient translation into French of key words which I did not understand. The next morning I visited alone (with distant personal coaching and moral (?) support from a helfpul self-confessed ‘drifter’, and occasionally joined by Claudio when he was not looking after his dog or his next holiday!), and I took many photos and followed the various YouTube links which provided further background to the works. You can imagine how excited I was when I met Matteus himself later in the evening; he came to inspect Claudio’s clever reproduction of St Peter’s Dome. I have uploaded some photos on my newly-created Flickr photostream…. I had to reduce the size, so I am not sure whether they are any good .. I would welcome advice on this! (And also advice on why the photos are sequence in reverse chronological order …)  Here’s the link to the stream: and if anyone wants higher quality images, let me know.  And yes, it is this late.  Helen’s on holiday, so no-one is allowed to nag her if she chooses to spend time with me …


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