Monthly Archives: April 2010

Anyone want a dance?

Karelia discovers her dream

Thanks to some lovely Italian friends who invited me to join them in a beautiful ballet studio last night… Gizmo and Fabilène joined us later too! Here I am practising my newly-bought ‘pas-de-deux’ animation, hoping that some famous, cultured, entertaining person might accept my invitation to dance in honour of his birthday. Who knows? Can I take rejection? Watch this space …!!


Spring Resolution

Karelia with Lunamaruna Tshirt

OK. So I did not keep my previous resolution to keep this up to date. But while Helen has been travelling around the country recently (Liverpool – York – Aberdeen – Bournemouth) she has been helping me to categorise my experiences, and soon you will have a deluge of enthusiasm to cope with.

It will start tomorrow, but as a ‘teaser’, here’s a picture from my latest obsession: Scottius Polke’s ‘Lunamaruna’ .. absolutely magical! I’ve been five times now, and I keep discovering new things! You have not heard the last of this adventure!