Anyone want a dance?

Karelia discovers her dream

Thanks to some lovely Italian friends who invited me to join them in a beautiful ballet studio last night… Gizmo and Fabilène joined us later too! Here I am practising my newly-bought ‘pas-de-deux’ animation, hoping that some famous, cultured, entertaining person might accept my invitation to dance in honour of his birthday. Who knows? Can I take rejection? Watch this space …!!


3 responses to “Anyone want a dance?

  1. What beautiful dancing! I know a certain DIrk B who wld love to join in. Unfortunately he is only hooked up to a 3g phone so not currently possible. Keep dancing!

  2. Thanks SO much for the reassurance, Jeremy! I do hope that Dirk will eventually hook up to something more powerful and come along…. I was very impressed with his sense of rhythm when we did the tango. Please tell him that I will supply the outfit, and I know that I owe him a smart suit.

  3. .. and while I’m here, how come you have a nice picture and I have a blue monster?

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