I want to go to Sardigna for real!

I am just bursting to tell everyone about the fantastic evening/ early morning I spent in SL’s Sardigna.   I had visited it some time  ago with Italianiamo (thanks Anna Begonia!), and remembered how much I had appreciated the place and the people … and I was even more impressed on my return.  A lovely group of generous, friendly, informative people looked after me .. proudly showing me around the sites and giving me the historical background, taking me on a magical air-borne boat trip around the island, telling me about the 5 different languages spoken there and – most importantly- being extremely patient with my halting Italian!  It was a special treat at the end to be shown the scene of a wedding feast and given and dressed in  a typical costume.  (See the family photo attached!)  Thanks SO much to you all for your time and your friendship! (Gavino Flores – Iceman Kaestner – Mysotis Flores -Blasco Draconia-  Pellegrina Nicoletti – Hilary Skizm – Roby Lenroy –  Ygerne Fenwitch – and many others!)

  I’ll definitely back .. and Helen has said she will definitely visit in real life… she even had the historical atlas out at tea time to understand more. 

The group has its own blog here.  Special thanks to Blasco Draconia for the language help (and incidentally he has created an ironic guide to avatar types on his blog here).


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