Helen and I both enjoy playing games for the same reason: we love being with people and laughing.  We’re not necessarily very skilled at our games, but we like to give them a go!  I have just discovered a great game and a great company of people: C:SI (Combat Samurai Island) and ImperiuM.  To play the game, you need to buy a sword (I got mine, a Dragon Katana here) which brings with it a wealth of extra animations allowing your avatar to do things with the sword once unsheathed-  slash (forwards [click+w] or sideways [click+a /d], to kick  [click +s] or to block [c] … but also to do extra moves [e.g. double e – dash].  By wearing a HUD (Heads Up Display] you can track the effect of your actions on your health [the red line, showing you how much blood you have left] or your stamina [the blue line], and you can track your statistics [how many times you die or kill] .. and lots of other things which I haven’t learnt yet!  Once equipped, you can go to various combat areas in Second Life and find someone with whom to ‘spar’ and if you belong to a clan, you can get involved with group fights.

I expect that some people could pick this up quickly .. especially if they have played similar games before .. but I am not that sort of person.  I think that I am incredibly fortunate to have been introduced to and accepted by the ImperiuM clan, an official C:SI training school with excellent and attractive facilities for training, but, above all, a committed, talented, generous and fun ‘triumvirate’ [Caitlin Tobias, Pilar Whitfield  and Rattus Swashbuckler] who own the sim, offer clear, precise and methodical training, arrange fights,  make sure we keep to the rules, and allow fun! This well made video gives a flavour of its activities.

I would be delighted if any of my friends who are interested in this could come and watch and maybe eventually join me so that we could learn together.  I’m really pleased that Anna and Claudio have already done so!  Membership is not automatic. .. you have to fill in a short application form in order to be accepted …. ImperiuM invest a lot of their own energy, time and money in providing this group, so there has to be some level of commitment from both sides.  But I have found them to be very forgiving of the ‘faux pas’ I have made so far.  I think they know I’m keen and want to please!  I look forward to sharing more of my activities!


3 responses to “ImperiuM

  1. Aw, this is a very nice article Karelia! And I am sure you are going to be a great fighter soon 😉

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  3. I confirm: Imperium people are great. And Karelia is a very good fighter… beware, people, don’t upset her 🙂

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