Catch The Flag! ImperiuM vs Sessou!

Wow!  What an exciting experience I had last night!  I was quite simply terrified by the prospect of my first Interclan ‘Capture the Flag’ contest with another clan organised for the ‘learners’.  Yes, our trainers Cait, Ratt, Pill and H all told us to have fun and enjoy it …. but I still felt I didn’t want to let people down!

I arrived early enough in the lovely arena beautifully crafted by Ratt for a little team talk, and, as usual, I felt totally comfortable asking what probably seemed stupid questions.  (Like, where are we fighting?) Everyone fights until the flag bearer of one of the teams dies … so the basic aim is to (a) protect your team member who is carrying your flag, and (b) kill the flag bearer of the other team before they kill yours. (And to help reduce lag, you reduce your settings … so apologies for photos which are less bright than usual!)

The feeling as we waited in the ‘wings’ reminded me exactly of how Helen felt when she was 13 and waiting to walk on the school stage behind heavy curtains.  Churning stomach, trembling a little, wondering why I had actually chosen to do this when I could be relaxing on the sofa in front of the tele watching ‘Mock the week’.  Thanks to our captain Matt who gave calm, clear and reassuring directions (I was assigned to help ‘protect the flag’), and to Lari who distracted delightfully through random comments, gestures and even jokes on demand (-he was even relaxed enough to fight AND watch Mock the Week …), I was able to survive until the word was given by Cait ‘after three: .. one …. Two … three .. GO!) 

I tried to do my ‘bit’ to slash our Flag bearers’ attackers (though it was not easy .. they looked such nice people, and one was a sweet little furry fox) .. team members forged ahead and focussed on the flag bearer of the other team… and after each of the five bouts, we received encouraging words from our superiors!

We pride ourselves on being very hospitable and respectful to other clans, but I think we are allowed to feel happy when we win!  (Which we did, this time, 4:1!)

We posed for a group photo (expertly taken, processed and rezzed within 5 minutes by Cait!)  and I enjoyed watching some new gestures and animations from the Sessou clan, all of whom accepted my friendship, which was very kind considering the amount of blood which had been spilt!

To end off the evening, our trainers challenged us to a fight.   At this point, my keyboard went on strike, so sadly I could not have the heroic end I would have wished (at least I could blame the keyboard!) .. but I was at least able to capture a photo of Fushia, ImperiuM’s resident artist.  Doesn’t she look great?!

Finally, thanks to the ImperiuM owners (Ratt Cait and Pil) who arranged all this for us.  We all really really appreciate the efforts they make to make the C:SI experience exciting and fun.   I (sort of) look forward to the ‘away’ match.  I wonder whether the nerves ever go away?!  It probably just wouldn’t be as exciting if they did!  Watch this space to see if I make it!

PS Cait beat me to it (quelle surprise!) and has written a post on her brilliant blog here. What a technological inspiration she is!


8 responses to “Catch The Flag! ImperiuM vs Sessou!

  1. Lovely post Kar, and great to read you enjoyed it so much:) The nerves, no…they never go away. I still freak out for every interclan or tournament, sweaty handpalms and shaking legs (for real!!) but it has never stopped me from doing it…The excitement, yaay!

  2. Lovely writeup Karelia, you certainly give a wonderful flavour of the ‘reality’ of what it is like to face an opposition playing in the big game, where when your out there is no coming back.
    In the event you simply followed what you learned and were an integral part of a winning team. Just think what you could achieve with practice! (heh heh)

  3. Hello Kar, what a nice story you wrote about our exciting evening we had yesterday. It was indeed great fun and believe me, most of all feel the adrenaline stream.
    After being away from C:SI more than 1,5 year, yesterday I felt the fantastic feeling of fun and friendship again. Thanks for writing down so exactly how much fun SL can be. Grtz, MJ.

    • (Just realised I can answer here .. sorry for cluttering up your mailbox!) Soooo glad that you have ‘returned to the fold’ MJ, and looking forward to fighting with you again! (Sorry I slashed you by mistake during the fight…!)

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  5. wowowow for imperium!!

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