I am really looking forward to tonight for  a third guided tour [details at the bottom of this post] of a new art space I have encountered recently.  These are my impressions from several visits, and I have added my very amateur photos to Helen’s Flickr stream.

 I continue to be impressed by the talent and imagination of artists in Second Life and enthused by the experience of being surrounded and immersed in art.  I had already experienced the quality of the work of eros Boa and Matteus Taurog in an  Immersiva Tour, so I knew that I would not be disappointed by the ‘PopArtDisplay’ project in which they are involved. 

Matteus guides us

 The gallery is on 10 levels.  The landing point is at the top (level 1), and you gradually work your way down the floors.  Helen say she sometimes gets overwhelmed by size, and worries that she might ‘miss’ some important works.  But somehow, these designers have come up with a layout which is very clear .. you just instinctively know how to walk through and experience everything.  And I really felt the same sense of ‘size’ which Helen described when she visited MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York a couple of years ago.  Incredible.

Large scale exhibit

Karelia immerses in poster

When I visited on my own, I spent a long time just looking at the pictures, and enjoyed the fun bit of getting into the pictures, becoming the main protagonist.  I could either do this as myself, or I could click on a box and ‘wear’ the clothes or shape of someone else.  At Helen’s school, the art teachers sometimes get he pupils to ‘act’ out cameos featured in paintings they study, and somehow this really brings things ‘to life’.  Helen would not have dared to have done this at the MOMA!

Karelia meets Warhol

 I have already attended two superb guided visits, enhanced by enjoying the quality and tone of Matteus’ lovely Italian voice and his precise content  (OK, I don’t understand every word, but I get the ‘gist’, I just love the language, and, as observed by Gwen, there does not seem to be a wasted word)  and the company of friends whom I ‘TP-ed’!  I hope that tonght someone else gets asked to make a comment at the end of the tour .. I was a bit embarrassed at my feeble attempt to contribute something when asked to by Matteus!  But I wasn’t made to feel stupid, which is good!

Immersed in the moon

Marilyn dances


The evening finished with a dance in PopArt surroundings.  I copied Gwen, put on my Marilyn Monroe outfit and danced in a globe.  (Not the most flattering profile!).

Marilyn seated


To find out more, go to the dedicated website, join the group and come along to the guided visits.  It can affect your life….  I could not resist buying a box of PopArt tissues in the supermarket yesterday

PopArt Kleenex female

PopArt Kleenex!


and on seeing this exhibit at the end of the tour, Helen was compelled to eat sweets …

Sweets for Karelia

‘Mission statement’ from the PopArtDisplay group (Founder Eros Boa):

What we wanted to create is not simply a showcase for POP  Art works, but rather a scene where they can be staged: a perception of art that is deep, involving and entertaining as we are confident this is the best way to appreciate art in SL. Many works are reproduced in3D; they appear as cinematic settings recreated in every single detail and allow the avatar to enter the work and, as an actor in it, to achieve a completely new view of the work itself.


Terza visita guidata al Pad -Third guided tour of the Pad
Tuesday,21 Dec 2010 10:17:42 GMT

Terza visita guidata al PAD. Il Museo della POP ART tutto italiano. Matteus Taurog continuerà a condurci nella storia del più innovativo movimento artistico del ‘900 Martedì 21 dicembre alle 22:15 ora italiana.
Third guided tour of PAD. The Museum of Pop Art. Matteus Taurog will start to to lead us in the history of the most innovative artistic movement of the last century Tuesday, December 21 at 22:00 Italian time. 04:15pm EST . The English translation will be given simultaneously

And if anyone has go this far … any tips on positioning images in a wordpress post?!  Thanks!


2 responses to “PopArtDisplay

  1. I wrote a post with details on my works ad PAD, and especially about my reconstruction of the Andy’s Silver Factory. With intersting notices and photos.
    Merlino Mayo (my alt Xaan Allen) I hope you’ll find it intersting. byee 🙂

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