PopArtDisplay with Andy Warhol!

PopArtDisplay Tour Jan 2011

Last night I enjoyed a third guided tour of the wonderful PopArtDisplay – this time concentrating on the work of Andy Warhol on floors 7-10. After a sociable ‘gathering’ accompanied by impromptu guitar playing from Claudio, we set off for the ninth floor, led by the beautifully-spoken Matteus.  The organisers cleverly kept Italian and English speakers informed by using the audio channel for the simultaneous English translation of Matteus’ comprehensive commentary.  (Well done Zorro for your English, your patience and your lovely sense of hunour!).  If you have not visited this place, YOU MUST!  My photos on Flickr do not do justice to the whole, truly ‘immersive’ experience.  Future tours take place on Mondays.  Arrivederci!

Soup cans as icons


One response to “PopArtDisplay with Andy Warhol!

  1. Marius Madrigal

    Thank you for the invitation :o))

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