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La Galerie Tournicoton


Aerial view of the Tournicoton Gallery

Tournicoton Gallery

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The Gallery;Fleurs de Vie

I don’t know how I have missed out on seeing the work of Mariaka Nishi and Anathaniel Gausman while in Second Life. I am so pleased that last December my dear Arcachon friends alerted me to a tour.

A Blog summarising Mariaka’s work is here:
I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours being led through a gallery featuring their work by the artists themselves. Pictures uploaded to my Flickr account are here
The slurl for the gallery is here

Angel's ladder

The highlight of the tour was being led ‘heavenwards’ up a spiral ladder  (builder: Frao Ra)  punctuated by Mariaka’s writings and pictures, then finally walking out on to la jetée de rêves (Builder: Anathaniel Gausman) from which we saw a final ‘film’ telling the story of how 2 artists who had worked closely together in SL met finally in RL.

A blog gives a beautiful account here
And the slurl is here.

Fleurs de Vie


Thanks so much to Mariaka for sending me an invitation to a special walk-through of her exhibit ‘Fleurs de Vie’ [Flowers of Life] (Builders:  Cherry Manga, Naastik Rau & Frao Ra) which was filmed in order to be shown as a series of three films at Mérignac multimedia library on 4th March.  See the blog entry here.

As people arrived at the welcome area here we greeted each other and chatted, and I accepted a synchronised ‘dance’ from Medora Chevalier with several others which delighted me! Thanks also to Josina Burgess .. a very talented designer . who generously gave me an outfit after spotting that I was a little out of place in jeans and engineering boots!

It was again a real privilege to hear Mariaka describe her work . I just love listening to her French! I have uploaded lots of photos to the photostream. Apologies that they are rather Karelia-centred .. that’s the down-side of dancing and emitting coloured bubbles. . I was sometimes rather too immersed!

The work is simply AMAZING .. a .multi-layered mixture of sketches .. photos .. words . .. all housed in an attractive 3D space which was largely pink (my favourite, naturally!).

It was lovely to meet Mariaka’s friends and associates .. I so enjoyed the after-show ‘banter’. Anathaniel posed for a photo next to his RL photo ..[I visited his exhibition last month .. stunning … Flickr set here …]]  and YannMinh’s diving suit [scaphandre] was incredible… click on it (if you have Viewer 2) and you see his webcam! As a result of taking to Coulaut Menges, I have now discovered the innovative work of OperaBis, and look forward to attending my first ever inworld opera next month. Deserving of a separate blog entry, but I cannot resist drawing attention here to the special project which allowed a teenager in a sterile hospital ward to be able to feel part of an opera audience through SL projected onto the wall in his ward.

Mariaka Nishi, l'artiste

So .. all in all, a great evening enjoying art and friendship .. essential elements of ‘fleurs de vie’.