Playground of Love

Playground of Love – Prajna Seetan & Robin Moore (Opened 3/3/11)

 I was so pleased to meet Robin Moore in the imaginative setting of Naxoos’ Seraphin Island featuring luminous gravestones, velvety blue landscapes and assorted  wild animals. 


He later took me to the build he was creating with his partner Prajna Seetan entitled ‘The Playgorund of Love’, and yesterday he gave me an individual tour of the art and clever animations within a build where you can track the all-too-common story of love … the romantic beginnings (proposals and exchange of rings),


 the arguments about money,

Financial conflict

the storming off, the burden and fragility of love,

The weight yet fragility of lovethe universal quest for love!  (Does that sound arty enough?! .. see below for the artist’s words, which are much better!). 

Whether you are interested in original art created by Prajna, the lifelike animations created by Robin, or the idea of acting out a story with the help of the freebie gifts along the way, this place is definitely a place to visit .. preferably with friends!  Enter the door which says ‘no entry’ .. climb up the stairs .. click on the key at the top .. and see what happens! 

Thank you Robin for the tour, and I really hope that lots of people will visit and enjoy!  I have posted some photos I took on Flickr (not very arty .. one day I may try to compose the pictures in the way that my good friend Devlink has patiently explained!) .. if you like surprises, perhaps it is best not to look at them yet …

 Here is the notecard you receive on entry …

 First of all, thank you for coming to see what we call:


 This work is inspired by Prajna Seetan´s pictures.

And then how I put it into context, using metaphors, and humour.

There are many hidden Poses, and things to think about.

 The key words:

  •  Poetic.
  • A world of paradox.
  • Love in many facets, and with many faces.
  • Projecting love to the playground.
  • Merry-go-round.
  • Caged in stuff, cooped up stuff.
  • Atmospheres that are a little retro, and a bit playful.
  • Our need to look out, and see the world.
  • Reversed melody umbrella.
  • Singing with your own beak.
  • Key to open the metal heart.
  • Lighten the heart.
  • The heart that weighs tons loving.
  • Love is fragile.
  • Everybody just want to be loved.

 We suggest that you when you get inside, take a seat in the chair,

Sit on the chair - images float past

 and cam in and let the images pass slowly while you are sitting, and many nice views will float over your screen.

Of-course you can take pictures, if you like.

Please explore the exhibit with an open mind.

 Kind regards

 Prajna Seetan & Robin Moore

 A link to Prajna Seetan’s photostream   


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