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PinkSamurai, Karelia, Loris, Gizmo and SilentA converse amongst the flowers

I was delighted to meet with Gizmo Latte, Lluis Pignol and Anna Begonia in RL Barcelona last May. We decided that we wanted to have a regular ‘Italian chat’ on Tuesday evenings as in the good old days of Italianiamo!

We have now had four such evenings, and the following formula seems to be working very well:

ACTIVITY: General chat then an exploration of an environment which stimulates conversation.  Planned to run for an hour.

TEACHING: (1) Bossy teacher who knows about methodology of teachng and learning languages and can ‘lead’ the language (Kareilia / Gizmo)
+ (2) Willing, kind Italian native speakers who turn up on time and are willing to be bossed about by said teachers (e.g. the ever-reliable Loris and SilentA!)
LEARNERS : Anyone who happens to be around at the time and is willing to be directed!

Week 1: Burn2 (collecting tutus!)
Week 2: Burn2 again (balloon tour wearing our tutus + visit to 2 art installations, including a fascinating talk with Xaan/Merlino about their Burn2 build and its inspiration)
Week 3: Edunation Plot and games (Guess who won?!)
Week 4: Dabici’s fantastic Halloween Build.

See Helen’s Flickr streams for photos.

Anyone is welcome to join us … please spread the word .. just turn up on our plot any Tuesday at 9 pm UK time.

Ciao for now!