Season’s Greetings 2011!

Karelia Greetings 1

Decisions, decisions.  Do I write the blog, or do I engage in Second Life?  As you can see by the long gaps between posts, I usually decide to go and talk/do rather than stay and write!  However, I aim to write just a bit more next year!

Karelia Greetings 2011 (2)

So, just time now to say ‘SEASON’S GREETINGS’ and a big THANK YOU to everyone for making SL such an enjoyable, fun place to be and to post a link to the images I inserted into my first proper Greetings Card!  Very self-indulgent pictures .. but it was fun to do!  You click on the card, it opens, and pink particles stream out!  (If somehow I have missed you out and you want one, please let me know!!)

Karelia Xmas 2011 (3)

And I cannot resist saying an extra special thank you to SL friends I met in RL last week in Paris… une journée/soirée/matinee inoubliable!!!!


One response to “Season’s Greetings 2011!

  1. Thank you Karalia! I hope you have a wonderful time. See you soon!

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