I learnt LOADS at the Machinevo workshop.  I am maintaining a google doc with my ongoing ‘tips’.  Here is a link to a downloadable word doc of ‘work so far’

The process of making a film in SL

The process of making a film in SL


• Prepare very short clip • Know exactly what you are going to say (e.g. script it) as it will be repeated several times from different angles • Number the utterances (makes it easier to direct)

Preparation of ‘actors’ (avatars)


o Wear ‘low’ animation to allow hand gestures when speaking (ideal for close-ups. . can be a bit unrealistic / irritating for full body shots.. use the low or medium AO  called ‘   ‘ to make sure there is some hand movement (I think the strong one is Over The Top!) Remove their usual AO usually

• SOUND: o Do a sound test to ensure all speakers are at same level… o adjust avatar volume by  hovering on the ‘I’ . if they are very faint, advise them to go into settings and check.  o If there is an echo tell them to use an integrated headset; if not possible, tell them to switch off their mic when not in use. o Tell them not to breath too loudly!

• SPEECH: o Model the delivery you want (speed, pitch, accent, emotion) o Deliver sentences clearly with a gap between each one (necessary for transitions) o Make a slight ‘hesitation’ or ‘fill’ noise before pronouncing the first word .. this ensures you hear the whole thing.

• TIMING : Tell then what to expect as you will have to turn mic off during filming .. (e..g count down 5 – 4- (silent 3 2 1)

• MOVEMENT – o show them exactly where to stand.  If there is a couple animation, NB ideally they are opposite people  (18o degrees) to start o Direct people on Animation Overrides o Direct people on how to ‘look at’ the people they are speaking to)shift + mouse’ o Tell people not to click on other things (to avoid arms going into the air) o Tell people not to move if possible

• APPEARANCE: o Direct people on their costumes (as realistic as possible – o check limbs to not show through when they walk)

Set Up Video Capture Software

1. Open up Fraps

2. Check settings: movies; folder to save; video capture; capture settings; recording inside and outside; hide the mouse; lock framerate

Preparation of SL / viewer interface

• Close any pop-up windows from other programs (e.g. oovoo) • Open SL • Adjust preferences (see list): sound from avatar; graphic high and include shadow etc` • For a ‘different’ look, choose a different sky preset (world / sky editor) • For a more realistic look, add lights and shadows, and ambient occlusion [graphics / general / advanced)



o Turn off your own mic before filming(but remember to turn back on again later!) o Clear screen of menus: Ctrl + Shift + F1 key o Clear screen of HUDs: Shift + alt + H o Mic on: count down ‘5 – 4 – 3- ‘ then • press key to capture –  actors imagine ‘2 – 1- – 0 and start top speak on zero. • Keep still – avoid using zoom / movement unless really necessary • Press key to stop • Do retakes from different angles E.G. o Film once with both speakers o Film once focusing on one speaker o Film again focusing on second speaker o Take close-ups of objects being referred to (while speech going on) • As soon as there is a mistake, stop the filming and say ‘stop’ – explain what was wrong. • Open folder • Watch and delete or name appropriately • Put copies onto another prepared folder

Making files smaller for sharing / editing

• Copy films into relevant folders (e.g. Machinevo / films • Make films smaller format by importing into Windows Movie Maker and exporting as wmv or avi for computer output (seee process below) • Open up Windows Live Movie maker • New project – name and save! • Import all films (add, videos and photos ….browse …) • Save as a project • Export movie (for computer … makes it into a wmv file)


EDITING • Open the project • Click Edit • Play films and ‘split’ after each sentence • Select variety of angles • Add caption (yellow bold shows up) • Add credits • Add title • Select transition for each frame (nb there is a drop down menu; ‘pan’ is a good one to give a smooth ‘movement ‘ to otherwise static filming) • Add music  (fade in and out; adjust volume to be below the voice volume) • Save movie (for computer … makes it into a wmv file)


Upload to Blip TV (username / password) [I tried Flickr . didn’t work?)


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