The Crow Bar Celebrates!

The Crow Bar is celebrating its 4th birthday today, and this was celebrated last night alongside a clutch of rez-days (Gizmo, Blowie, Connie and me!) and St Andrew’s Day.  Lyndy’s choice of music reflected all the themes, one of which was ‘pink’!  (I wonder why?!) and the décor was highly appropriate (dominated by an enormous clump of pink hair .. how Clive could bring himself to prepare this, I just do not know!)

It was lovely to see so many friends from across the world ‘pop in’ and I have captured some of them in pictures and the occasional video clip which survived my many crashes!  I have uploaded pics to Flickr (and I don’t know why it will not embed the slide show, so click here for the link) and the  video to Youtube:

Thank you to Lyndy and Clive for  providing the most comfortable retreat in Second Life, and especially for tolerating me and my pinkness!  I look forward to many more Crow Bar evenings!


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