Monty Python for Pronunciation | Wednesday 2nd October 2013 | Italian Mood

Monty Python classes 1379908_10201996266178512_1962010381_n
Reading together: Wednesday 2nd October 2013

2130-2215 Italian time | 2030-2115 UK time | 1230-1315 SL time|
Italian Mood, Second Life (IM me for a TP if you get lost!)

You are invited to join us to read aloud Monty Python scripts. We will start with Season 1, episode 1. It is one of my favourites!

– When you arrive, click on the box for a text which has been divided into ‘sections’, or use the link.
– Feel free to take part or to listen.
– If speaking, ideally use an integrated headset/microphone to avoid echo, and switch off your microphone when not involved.
– Themed costumes optional. I am looking for a teacher’s gown and mortar board! Has anyone got a pig?!

Follow this link for the scripts on the web.
Follow this link for the version which I have done, dividing it into ‘sections’
Below is the link to the original televised version. (4 linked Youtube videos)


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