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Flickr photostream added to blog

Reminder to self- (the rest of you will all know this already) add Flickr stream to blog – appearance / widget / Flickr .. then find the RSS feed from th Flickr photostream page (not any other pages) by right clicking on ‘latest’. I think this way my latest photos will appear … WARNING: I have loads to add!


Grazie to Anna Begonia

Helen gently reminded me that I should have started by acknowledging the fact that I am blatantly copying Anna Begonia who is my intelligent, creative and fun Italian teacher .. or, should I say, ‘animator’.  (And I don’t care if that sounds as though I am trying to be teacher’s pet.  It’s simply true!)  I’m looking forward to seeing her and my friends tonight to do  some italianimation.  (If you read her blog, you’ll understand the new word which she has created!)

Hello world!

Hi!  My friend Helen has suggested that I write a blog for anyone who is interested in knowing what it is like in my life, which people from her world call ‘Second Life’.  I’m rather uncomfortable with the term ‘Second Life’ .. it sounds somehow ‘second class’ .. but to avoid confusion, I’ll use that description for now!  In my world, we have a variety of ways to communicate with each other (the most highly sophisticated one is called ‘voice’) – so it may take a while for me to learn how to use this method.  Please be patient!  I’ll be back later to learn how to upload a picture of me here. (Actually, I just have!)